Our Values

Our Strength

To provide financial support for poor, deprived and underprivileged children for their education and for their academic improvement To motivate and empower women to effectively exercise their skill and thereby involve them in socio economic activities.

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dcmsss social service in trichy
Board Members

The DCMSSS board comprises of committed and dedicated pool of priests from different background and they actively contribute towards the growth and development of the organization. The board members are equally involved in fund raising through local and other parent bodies and this has helped the organization to sustain without external resources. DCMSSS board meets once in three months to plan and execute the program.

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Board Member
Geographical coverage

Villupuram, Thanjavur, Tiruvanamalai, Dindigul, Virudhunagar,,Tirunelveli, Tuticorin , Coimbatore and Kanyakumari, and Trichy districts in Tamil Nadu and in Chupalli and Jalap in Chhattisgarh State.

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V Guard - Sponsership, They are splited in thukalai-Kaniyakumari, Narasinganur-Vilupuram, Thummuchinnampatty-Viruthunagar. They give us best support for their protection help and womens got better profit according to this support. We regularize the contact and give best support work for their business growth. It help us to promote our charity work more. We have the several colony for women welfare center in all districs rural and urban areas and all over tamilnadu.

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Nirmala Kanyakumari, Carmal - Narasinganur-Viluppuram, Sirumulur ITI, Kalanjaiman-Thiruvarur District, Vaikarai ITI Thannepanthal-Thiruvannamalai, Head Office:Manakandam. DCMSSS has been focusing on youth in supporting them in vocational training through various programs by developing their skill to make them independent in the society. Courses like electrician,plumbing A/C is provided to the poor rural youth dwelling in rural pockets of the village. The organization has established 5 ITI’s in the villages of Narasingamur(VillupuramDt),Valangaiman (2 ITI ,Kumbakonnam, Tanjavur Dt) Thaneerpanthai ( Tiruvanamalai Dt) and in Manalikarai( Kanyakumari Dt).

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Self Help Group

Self help group model is one of the most effective concepts for the women. This helps women to be self sustainable and independent. Most of the women feels that they need a association to think ,plan and share their ideas .This has been a platform that has developed the leadership qualities of the women .This also provides a stage to bring in their own talent and skills to exercise and execute in the life. Livelihood option has been well connected with the SHG and this model has raised the economic status of the women. This also provides a stage to bring in their own talent and skills to exercise and execute in the life. DCMSSS has been promoting this concept in all the intervention areas and this has successfully helped women to come out of the crunches and meet the economics needs.

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Free Tution Centre

This centers caters the poor children in the villages to get additional coaching in week subjects. The center functions from 1997 .Each centers have 45 students. The centers are located in Narasinganur(Villupuram Dt), kattampatti(Dindigul Dt) Duraisamiyapuram(Tiunelveli Dt) kurkusalai (Tuticorin Dt) Edamalaipatti pudur( Trichy Dt), and Chhupalli, Jalap, (Chattisgarh).

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In order to provide support for the poor women to be independent ,Tailoring centers have been operational in villages of Thannerpanthal (Tiruvanamalai Dt) kurukkusalai- (Tuticorin,Dt) Edamalaipatti pudur (Trichy Dt), and Churpalli (Chattisgarh).The tailoring course is organized for women. The women are taught on stitching blouse,Churidhar and designing. This training has helped the poor women to take small work for their minimal support.

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Computer Centers

Computer centers help the young youth to be literate in the advance world. This also gives opportunity to the poor youth be a part of the present technological development and access to this skill. Considering the importance and opportunities in this area, DCMSSS identified poor youth to be a part of this program. They are provided with basic computer training and a course certificate. This course is organized for 90 days. Around 30 youths are enrolled for this course in each center. DCMSSS has 4 centers in Edamalaipatti pudur (Trichy Dt), Duraisamiyapuram( (Tirunelveli Dt),Kumkusalai(Tuticorin Dt) Churpalli and Jalap, (Magasamundu Dt , Chattisgarh State).

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Our Colony


hiv childs and adults help

HIV People in Trichy District

More than 250 childs get the benefit throuch DCMSSS.

deaf and dumb help in dcmsss


Concentrate the Deaf and Dumb childrens and adults care.

blind people help dcmsss

Blind Colony- Gandhi Nagar, Nagamangalam

Also Help to blind people and help them across.

lepers peoples help

Leprosy Colony – Manalmedu, Panjapur, Trichy

A person who is shunned or rejected by others for moral or social reasons

tribal children-dcmsss

Tribal Colony – Gandhi Nagar, Nagamangalam

A member action of an aboriginal people of all Areas

stone querries


An open-pit mine from which minerals are extracted

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Our vision mainly focused with full Social Service and continue the work of serving the poor and the needy.

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To establish and carry on such of the activities to provide for relief of the poor, education etc.,

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To start establish equip and run without profit motive, hospitals, dispensaries,clinics, maternity home, etc.,

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