1. To start, estabish, equip and run without profit motive, Hospitals, Dispensaries, Clinics, Maternity home, Home for the aged, Home for the Children, Creches, Orphanages, Boarding Houses, Youth Centres, Tailoring, Handcrafts, Free Tution Centres for the poor rural youth and children and other Vocational Training Centres for the benefit of all, irrespective of race, cast, community, religion or social status.


To start, establish eqip and run for the benefit of Catholics and others as well, irrespective of race, caste, community, religion or social status, churches, educational institutions, formal, non-formal, for the diffusion of useful knowledge, cultural, scientific, technical or social and to apply for and to obtain for them, wherever necessary, either recognition form the government or university, educational or other authorities as the case may be..


To establish and carry on such of the activities to provide for relief of the poor, education, medical relief and the advancement of any other object for the benefit of general public without distinction of race, caste, community, religion or social status.


To select promising youth, to equip them with sound spiritual, temporal, cultural, scientific, technical and social knowledge for a period of time, instilling in them the qualities of good leadership so that they may in turn continue the work of serving the poor and the needy.


To subscribe or give donations to and financially or otherwise to aid any other societies/institutions having charith, education, or social services as its primary objects.


To provide relief either in cash or in kind to public in general and especially those affected by riots, floods, famines, fire, epidemics, draughts or other calamities.


 To carry out objects of general public utility and security such as village upliftment, rural re-construction, public health and hygiene, community development, welfare of women and childre, promotion of cottage industries and to start, establish, conduct, take over, maintain, manage and help any institutions considered necessary to secure these objects.


To organise talks, seminars, camps, dramas and other programmes and to print, publish pamplets, booklets, etc to educate the public about social, moral values, AIDS awareness, family planning and the like.


 The activities of the society will not be called outside of india.


It is declared that the benefit of the society shall be open to all irrespective of caste, creed, sex, colour, religion, community etc.,


To carry out such other activities which are conducive or incidental for achieving the aforesaid objectives without profit motive.