Our Mission

⦁ DCMSSS offers educational assistance to the rural poor children, particularly the Dalit community children.

⦁ Organizes adult literacy programmes and non-formal education to the school dropouts to eradicate illiteracy among the rural population.
⦁ Formal and non-formal technical education is being offered to the rural youth, especially the rural Dalit boys and girls.
⦁ Conducts evening tuition centres in remote rural villages to provide a good educational foundation and to improve their academic performance of rural Dalit children during their early years.
⦁ Runs orphanages to take care and to protect the neglected orphaned children from exploitation and to prevent them from becoming dropouts.
⦁ Undertakes community health programmes in rural villages and in urban slums and conducts awareness programmes, immunization campaigns, hygiene and preventive health care education, etc.,
⦁ Establishes and gives formation and strengthens the self-help groups (SHG) for the marginalized young girls and women.
⦁ Organizes leadership training, workshops and community building programmes for the youth in order to develop their leadership skills.
⦁ Imparts short-term training programmes on income-generating skills, such as tailoring, power loom, computer education, desktop publishing, etc.,
⦁ Conducts awareness programmes on various issues, organizes, mobilizes and makes the underprivileged people of the society to actively participate in their own development, by educating and motivating them.
⦁ Takes up integrated rural development programmes for the marginal and the farmers and gives awareness on the ill-effects of the usage of chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides.
⦁ Encourages and assists volunteers through media, street theatre and other art forms in educating the illiterate who form a major chunk of our target population.
⦁ Works with the marginalized and poor with disability in the rural areas.